The beginning of the 2017 Lodge year is upon us, and that means each Lodge will soon be visited by your friendly Officer Training facilitators. This year we have some new folks heading your way:

Denise Dawson, from Raton 969 for the Southwest, Jerry Wheeler, from Las Cruces 1119 for the Southeast, Mary Rogers from Farmington 1747 for the Northwest, and, well, making a return (and hopefully final) appearance, Dan Gerth, from Los Alamos 2083 for the Northeast.

Sessions will be starting the last weekend in February, and run through the end of April. Each Lodge will receive a letter from your facilitator asking you to set a date for your training, and don’t dilly-dally, as there really isn’t a lot of room! Note that you do not need to wait for your Officers to be installed to set a date, you should be pretty sure right now who will be coming in.

As usual, we’ve added some new information to the presentation, so it will be fresh, and well worth your while. All officers (including appointed officers) are expected to attend, and all members are very welcome. Come and Learn what the Statutes actually say!