President Jerry Hitchcock

New Mexico received its statehood 1912, becoming the 47th state in the union.

New Mexico is home to around 2.1 million people in 33 counties, it is 370 miles long and 343 miles wide, with a square mileage of 121,589 miles.

Although NM didn’t become a state until 1912, its Capitol, Santa Fe, was actually founded in 1610, 14 years before the pilgrims landed. It is the oldest city west of the Mississippi, and is the oldest capitol city and holds the oldest governmental building in the Nation. Santa Fe, as well as being the oldest, is beautifully enveloped with amazing art scenes and delicious cuisines, and sits at an elevation of 7,199 feet above sea level, which places it as the highest capitol city in the US.

New Mexico is a wonderful state with many different cultures, elevation changes and landscapes. New Mexico has the only point in the US where four states (NM, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah) borders meet, termed “the four corners”. New Mexico also holds the International Balloon Fiesta, which has become the largest hot air balloon event in the world, utilizing 78 acres to launch, and is held the first week in October. New Mexico is also home to the white sands monument, which is the largest tourist attraction in the state. It is also the largest gypsum dune field in the world and is located in the south-central region of the state, and stretches over 275 miles. New Mexico is also home to the Capulin Volcano, which is in the northeastern corner of the state. The cone stands at 8,000 feet and from the top you could see four other states, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

Outside of our state attractions, NM is home to over 8,000 elks from 22 different lodges. We have lodges spaced out nicely for road trips, with some in all four corners, and we are even blessed with having El Paso as part of the New Mexico Elks Association.

As you can see, NM has many places for you to come by and visit. It has everything from desert landscapes to beautiful mountain ranges. The only thing missing, is you!

Jerry Hitchcock, President

New Mexico Elks Association

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