Jon Fouser PER, Secretary, State Membership Chair

Members are one of the vital pillars to our great organization! Recruitment, Engagement and Retention are the objectives for each New Mexico Lodge to remain doing the good work within our respective communities. Introducing people to “The Elks”, Indoctrinating candidates with a quality orientation and getting them involved is the best gift we can give new members. Impressive Initiation through proper ritual supports our path to a quality membership program.

Introduction Here! Invite Here! Indoctrination Here!

New Mexico is the 1st state in Region 6 to begin the Invite 2 + Challenge. I encourage every member to Identify/Invite/Introduce two people to “The ELKS!” through March 2024! Please feel free to contact me at for any matters of Membership.

Drill down on how long it is taking your Lodge to get members through the process here!