Dear Lodges,
Communication is the key to our success! Now that we are back in action in our State, I am asking all Lodges to analyze your communication methods to your membership. I know many of our Lodges have suffered membership losses during the Covid shutdown. We need to re-establish ourselves with our membership if we hope to bring in new members. I believe once we get our existing members back in the fold, we will benefit greatly by gaining more new members. My theory is to start building the structure we once had. Start with our existing members and momentum will build. Membership will grow but we need to make sure we don’t forget the members we already have.
Here are some recommendations and tips:

  • Member Engagement – Social media is the quickest way to get information out to your members and the public. Monthly newsletters and emails are extremely important in keeping your membership informed. Consistency is key! Create new content as much as possible!
  • Atmosphere – Create an environment in which your members feel safe and comfortable in bringing their families and friends into the Lodge and attend Lodge functions.
  • Communicate – Call your members. There is nothing more special than a personal call to see how someone is doing. A simple short “how are you?” goes a long way. Get your members to help with something. The best way to get volunteers is with a personal request. I have had great success in just walking up to a member and telling him/ her I need your help.
  • Plan – Start planning ahead for events. A successful event should be planned well in advance. I recommend a minimum of two months to properly advertise and market an event. The bigger the event the more lead time is required.
  • Analyze – After every event or function, the Lodge should look at what was successful and what needs to be improved upon. Modify for future successes.